Reserve Your Spot

Wooden bear sculptures holding 'Northern California' sign.

We are excited about the new season and reservations have been coming in for several months now.  We are getting the hang of this now and are very proud to offer the wonderful atmosphere here at Northern Lights.  Anyone who has pictures from previous years at the campground in digital format and would like to see them posted on the website, please email them to  Please make sure they are “G’ rated for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

It is never too soon to make reservations for the next camping season by simply contacting the Township Hall @ 906-376-8827.  Rules are posted in the campground itself and rates are $30.00 per night for RV’s and $10.00 per night for tents.   So reserve your spot.  Rates still have not increased over last year as we want to continue making this an affordable place to camp. You can use a credit card if that is how you wish to pay for your reservations.

We recently were able to complete a map of the campground so you can see how things are laid out.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

** RV Sites for the 2023 Fishing Derby weekend in July (7/21, 7/22 & 7/23) are sold out already, so if you haven’t made your reservation for next year’s derby, please check with us to see what is left. But there are plenty of sites available for the rest of the season! **